“The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.”

 Ezra Pound



After finishing my degree in Humanism (psychology and philosophy) I studied to become a professional classical singer. I perform in opera productions and concerts (www.esthervanzijl.nl). During my humanism and singing studies I discovered my talent for creative thinking and organizing. I was a teacher in creative writing at university and helped create a new festival for the Masters of Music of ArtEZ Conservatorium developing both the concept and name as worked on production and PR, the festival is still running (www.artseedz.nl).

The last five years I worked in administration and production for the choir school Nieuw Vocaal Amsterdam (www.nieuwvocaalamsterdam.nl). I learned a great deal running the office and being part of the production team for the substantial music productions they make. I founded Suitcase Music Productions (www.suitcasemusicproductions.com) and started up recently, in Sweden, the opera production company Suitcase Opera (www.suitcaseoperaproductions.com), here I create, produce and perform.

Next to my love of singing and acting, I write poetry and texts and I like to create concepts and titles, to develop projects, work on websites and in production.

This website is a platform about the things I am creating  and about the things you could ask me to work on and help create.

My strengths are: music (voice and violin), writing (words, poetry and prosa), creative thinking, social understanding and public speaking, enthusiasm and openness,  sketching and dancing.


| Esther Johanna van Zijl | esther.vanzijl@gmail.com | Umeå, Sweden |

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